Art of Flow Interview: Flow With Your Business

Art of Flow Interview: Flow With Your Business

I was featured on The Art of Flow podcast talking about The Performer’s Guide and, how the pandemic affected the state of the performance industry in 2020.

“Join a conversation with Krystin Railing, a classically trained dancer and a professionally trained circus performer, on the flow of business!” 

Morgan Dolginow- Art of Flow Podcast

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Krystin has performed across the United States and internationally as a professional juggler and hula hooper. In 2011, Krystin created Circus Mafia, an International Talent Agency for Circus performers, to support the careers of over 100 circus performers on 3 continents including North America, Europe, and Australia. She was the Communications Director for the International Jugglers Association in 2019 and is a certified Firewalking Instructor and Empowerment Coach through  The Firewalking Center. In 2019, Krystin founded The Performer’s Guide, a Business Coaching and Mentorship program that is designed for professional performers who are looking to take their career to the next level.

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