Circus Wheel Workshop: Portland

Circus Wheel Workshop: Portland

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Are you looking for something unique to do this year?! Learn how to perform on the larger than life Circus Wheel and become the talk of the town! Nick Kane & Krystin Railing offer a one of a kind workshop that is sure to be a fun time! Only 2 people in the world currently offer this skill but we are hoping to create a community of wheel performers!

The Circus Wheel is an incredible prop that is excellent for large outdoor spaces that have a large crowd! This 6 foot wheel is perfect for large open spaces looking for roaming entertainment.

We will teach you:

πŸŽͺ Where to purchase one
πŸŽͺ How to modify it
πŸŽͺ How to assemble it
πŸŽͺ How to perform on it

Learn how to roll, spin, flip around The Circus Wheel with grace and ease.

What is the Circus Wheel?

The Circus Wheel is a one-of-a-kind whimsy attraction. It can be a visual delight to see a human rolling through what appears to be a giant human hamster wheel. Acrobatics give it a cirque flavor. Makes frequent stops for people to selfie for when people see it they love to take pictures!

The Circus Wheel is a 6 foot diameter industrial cable spool that has been refitted to be a circus apparatus. Its has 3-4 bars between 2 circles with 8 sections for walking on. It is similar in size and function to a German Wheel, though the tricks are distinctly different.

Enrollment Details

The Circus Wheel Portland is happening on Tuesday September 27, 2022 from 10:00am-2:00pm PST in SE Portland Oregon for just $100 / 4 hours of education. To register your spot, please Paypal

10 spots available!